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    Picture of Toothill Church building

    Welcome to Toothill Church.  We are a mixed bunch of people with a variety of backgrounds, and most, but not all, live within about a mile of the church.  We are not perfect, but we are seeking to find out what it means to be a Christian in today's world and to live that out.

    We would love to see you at one of our services or other activities.


    Toothill Minister - Revd Rachael Wilson;  Tel: 01793750095  rev.rachael.wilson@gmail.com          

    Partnership Minister – Revd. Capt. Clive Deverell:       Tel: 01793877111      clive.deverell@btinternet.com

     Partnership office –                                                       Tel: 01793 874221    wspartnershipoffice@gmail.com

    Other enquiries for Toothill Church:

    For booking the church:                                           bookings@toothillchurch.org.uk 

    For receiving the Newsletter every week via email: newsletter@toothillchurch.org.uk

    For Toothill Tinies (Mother toddler group):                tinies@toothillchurch.org.uk

    For Friday Club:                                                        fridayclub@toohillchurch.org.uk

    For organist and musical director:                            music@toothillchurch.org.uk 

    Home Group:                                                           homegroup@toothillchurch.org.uk

    For all other enquiries please use the contact form


  • Next 10 days

    Tuesday 19th March
    09:00 Organ practice
    13:45 Music Group
    18:00 Growing Leaders and Bridgebuilders

    Wednesday 20th March
    08:30 Organ practice
    11:30 Holy Communion
    14:00 U3A Discussion Group

    Thursday 21st March
    10:00 Toothill Tinies
    14:00 Fifty Shades
    19:30 Veg Patch meeting

    Friday 22nd March
    09:00 Organ practice
    14:00 U3A Craft group
    17:00 Friday Club

    Sunday 24th March
    10:30 Morning Service
    13:00 Polish Church

    Monday 25th March
    19:00 Partnership Council

    Tuesday 26th March
    10:00 U3A Travel Study Group
    11:30 Holy Communion

    Wednesday 27th March
    11:30 Holy Communion

    Thursday 28th March
    10:00 Toothill Tinies
    14:00 Fifty Shades

    Friday 29th March
    09:00 Hazelwood School
    17:00 Friday Club

    Saturday 30th March
    00:00 Not Available for booking

    Sunday 31st March
    10:30 Mothering Sunday
    13:00 Polish Church

    Monday 1st April
    14:00 U3A History Group
    14:00 U3A History Group


  • Daily Message


    We are located in the village centre of Toothill in West Swindon with adequate car parking nearby.
    There is a bus stop for the number 10 bus from/to Swindon town centre next to the church.
    Select the Find Us page for address and a map